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Maximized Minimalist Podcast

Dec 6, 2023

In my latest podcast episode, I'm tackling the 5 biggest decluttering myths! 

Join me as we bust common myths surrounding decluttering, revealing the truths that can transform your approach to creating a clutter-free space.

Get ready to reshape your understanding of decluttering and discover practical insights to make...

Nov 29, 2023

In my latest podcast episode I'm pulling back the curtain on 5 of the most common pitfalls and mistakes - to help you avoid them in the future - saving you time and energy!

I want to invite you to join me LIVE for my 100% FREE, BRAND NEW masterclass, Reclaim Your Home From Clutter In 3 Easy Steps... Even If You've Tried...

Nov 22, 2023

Ever find yourself saying, “I don’t have time (fill in the blank of things you don’t have time for)?

Today’s episode is going to be a fun one! Remember the old show Mythbusters where Jamie and the Mythbusters would prove an urban legend true or false? Well, that’s what I’m doing today! 

I hear this all the...

Nov 15, 2023

I can teach you all the strategies in the world, but if you continue to choose negative or self-sabotaging thoughts that got you buried in clutter and chaos in the first place will win every single time. If you don’t shift thinking, all my strategies and techniques, or strategy for that matter, will be useless.


Nov 8, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to transform your home into a cozy haven and embrace the spirit of the festivities. It today's episode, we're diving into how to create that cozy, holiday charm without the stress or the mess!

Here's a sneak peek at what we'll cover:

  • Creating a Cozy Home: Discover the secrets...