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Maximized Minimalist Podcast

Jun 24, 2020

Tune in as I discuss six hard truths about clutter that will help motivate you and get you to the next phase in your declutter journey! Enjoy!

Jun 17, 2020

Need a good laugh? Tune in to some downright silliness as Erica from The Mom Break Podcast and I take a mom break together and get to know each other through a series of random (and usually, embarrassing) questions in a game called 'Ice Breaker'.

Jun 10, 2020

Tune in as I talk with Ali Damron, an expert in women's hormones and stress. We dive into:

- 3 common mistakes women make when it comes to managing their stress and hormones

- GOOD stress (yep, there's such a thing!) versus BAD stress

- How stress shows up in our bodies and what to do about it

Jun 3, 2020

Do you struggle with decluttering sentimental items? You are not alone!

In this episode, I help you identify and reframe those thoughts that so often stop us in our tracks while handling sentimental items so that you can continue on your journey of finding joy through less.