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Maximized Minimalist Podcast

Feb 22, 2023

You may not realize this depending on how long you've been a listener of the show, but my passion for helping other simplify wasn't born because I love to help people make their home look pretty and organized...

it's because decluttering was the catalyst that turned my mental health around and helped put an end to 24/7...

Feb 15, 2023

Listen in as I share five ways to save time on chores, you'll be shocked how much time you'll gain back after implementing even just one or two of these tips. Hint: It's a lot.

These strategies I share in today's episode have revolutionized the way I spend my time every single day and I'm certain they will for you,...

Feb 8, 2023

If you’ve started decluttering - only to quickly find yourself overwhelmed and ready to give up, you’re not alone. 

  • It isn’t because your clutter is worse than anyone else’s (it's not, trust me)
  • it’s not because you "don’t have what it takes"
  • It’s not because you don’t have the right strategy or...

Feb 1, 2023

Ever notice how being consistent can be so. darn. difficult?

Maybe you can relate that you've made some progress by decluttering little bit day by day..and then life gets busy, you drop the ball, and next thing you know... you're back at square one.

Consistency can feel like this elusive,...